Highlighting our Brand Ambassadors

We are so excited to introduce a new series to our Cut Showroom Blog, where we highlight our brand ambassadors and their incredible boutiques. The first of our series is Bella from Public Figure.

Public Figure is a digital destination for ‘conscious fashion that effortlessly blends into the wardrobe of the modern woman.’ They are on an everlasting journey to find luxurious and sustainable pieces that embody their core values – style, quality and respect for people and the planet.

Public Figure carries both international and Australian designers, including our sustainable brand partner Lacausa.
We were lucky enough to take a minute with Bella to find out a little more about her journey with Public Figure and what has inspired her to focus on conscious fashion.

Bella, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us. Tell us a little about your journey of establishing Public Figure?

After working in fashion ecommerce for almost 10 years, I dreamt about having my own shop. I have always been interested in sustainable and ethical production and took a very considered approach to my own wardrobe. The concept came to mind while working for a large fast fashion company. I was amazed by the number of customers contacting the business wanting transparency and sharing my own ethos.

The name ‘Public Figure’ came to mind as I wanted my business to stand for something – being almost an activist for businesses producing ethically and sustainably.

What has inspired you to focus on sustainable fashion?

From a young age, my father has always taught me to buy quality fashion designed with longevity in mind. He never let me buy fast fashion and deterred me from buying things I don’t need and wasting clothes.

My journey towards a more sustainable life comes from this lesson in minimising waste, and when I began to work in fashion, I found it intriguing how wasteful this industry was. I watched as the industry began to slowly shift towards sustainability, and when I saw the demand change at a consumer level, I knew it was time to launch Public Figure.

I also spent time volunteering teaching environmental science and helping a remote community in the Maldives. Seeing how bad it can get when the environment is not prioritised was a catalyst to implement more sustainable practices in my everyday life. This experience stayed in the front of my mind while working in fashion and influenced me to learn about sustainable alternatives within the industry.

How does Lacausa fit into your brand edit?

Lacausa was one of the first brands I brought on board. After being a fan of their tees and tanks for years, I knew that Lacausa aligned in style and quality with the Public Figure ethos. A good capsule wardrobe is built on a foundation of quality basics – that is the space that Lacausa fills so well.

Tell us about what other areas of your life you practice sustainability, and what tips you can give us?

There are so many small household switches that can minimise waste and environmental impact – like natural cleaning agents, switching to keep cups and LED lights. Recycling and properly disposing of household waste is a big focus for me. We compost and recycle soft plastics. And I’m a big advocate for walking instead of driving where possible.

Do you have a favourite piece from the Lacausa collections?

It’s hard to choose just once – I’d say my all-time favourites are the Luxe Frank Tee, Cora Tank & Arden Dress.