Our dedicated team approaches each collection with a bespoke connection between the fashion industry, desired public and brand. We have extensive multi channel strategies in place as well as systems to support all brand activities to achieve end user satisfaction, broad awareness in market and growth in revenue.

As we are boutique showroom, we can deliver personalised communications to extensive strong relationships in market. Some examples of what we can offer our clients and brand partners:

    Content Generation
    Social Media Strategy and Facilitation
    Celebrity/Industry Seeding

Further, to establish strong placement and growth, we offer free digital services to retailers to ensure brand awareness, customer attraction and retention whilst they establish a new label or alternatively need a new way to communicate with their customers. Again, this shows how Cut Showroom can evolve and change in our environment and be abreast of all digital tools.


Each collection is showcased in our Sydney head quarters during our selling seasons and we also have permanent core collections displayed from each brand for any prospective buyers available to come to see us in the showroom.

We continuously show indent, replenishment, injection and immediate stock collections to ensure we are capturing the buyer budget throughout the year.

We establish and develop brand relationships with both retailers and end users by being able to fulfill all product requests in a timely manner as well as positioning brands well initially to allow growth season after season.

Our success has been driven through established, genuine relationships in market with both boutique and major accounts throughout Australia and New Zealand.


We enjoy controlling the full integration of brand to market.

All stock is dispatched from our warehouse in Sydney and we offer a very personalised approach to each supplier we work with.

We have established methods in managing importing products from the US to ensure our focus is always price point for our clients.