Cut Showroom is a Creative
Wholesale Distribution Agency.

Cut Showroom is located in the fashion hub of Alexandria, Sydney. We offer all aspects of Brand Management, Sales, Import, Distribution, Digital Design and Marketing to our clients and brands. We source and supply our Australian and New Zealand markets with a captivating, performing and influential collection of premium fashion brands exclusively sourced from the US market.

Our clients and suppliers receive exceptional service from our team with an attention to detail focus to allow a personalised relationship and fulfilment. We pride ourselves on being the most trustworthy and respected agent/distributors in our market.

We go above and beyond to establish strong placement and growth, offering free digital services to retailers to ensure brand awareness, customer attraction and retention whilst they establish a new label or alternatively need a new way to communicate with their customers. Again, this shows how Cut Showroom can evolve and change in our environment and be abreast of all digital tools.

Our approach is always to focus and develop relationships and we have long standing, loyal customers and brand supplier relationships in market. We ensure each part of the supply chain relationship is nurtured and developed to enable sustainable positioning and results each and every season.

Cut Showroom has become the powerhouse of passionate, dedicated and professional industry experts in the domestic market for the global fashion industry.


At Cut Showroom, we are dedicated to ensuring our actions in the fashion industry doesn’t come at the expense of the environment.

To reduce our environmental impact and help make a positive change, our corporate social responsibility strategy is to attract and distribute brands that are continually developing and updating their environmental policies and engaging in new initiatives as they emerge. We take an inclusive approach with our brands to honour a commitment to sustainable and ethical practices.

We continuously embrace and learn from our partners of how we can do better.

We believe that our CSR plan is based on the necessity and moral obligations to help our planet and environmental footprint that we leave in this industry.

Meet the Team


Hannah Rosati, Director of Cut Showroom started her wholesale and distribution fashion journey straight out of high school which saw her taking a job offer to work and live in New York from the age of 21yrs as an in house sales agent for a well known premium US label. Fast forward to 2013 moving home to Sydney to take the risk at building her own fashion empire… and alas Cut Showroom was born.


Olivia, Wholesale Accounts Manager of Cut Showroom has worked stints between Sydney and Melbourne for a number of distributors.

She has a business degree in Communications and management and has worked across both retail businesses domestically as well as performing wholesale sales roles across a large amount of international brands.

Olivia has a love for fashion and has recently focused efforts in the sustainable part of the fashion industry.


Elih Odgers, Creative & Digital Manager of Cut Showroom manages all our in-house design, marketing as well as Behind the Seams Boutique, our e-commerce side to the business. Having studied at Billy Blue College Of Design as a Communications and Design Major he brings his passion and ever growing skill set to the Cut Showroom team and is a huge asset assisting our retailers with extra services that other sales agencies do not offer.