Brand Portfolio

Our brand portfolio includes, Lacausa, Intentionally Blank, Sugarhigh Lovedstoned, Mode & Affaire, LUV AJ & Vanessa Mooney. We are your one stop shop and offer everything from clothing to shoes to jewellery & accessories. All our brands are highly sought-after, unique labels that offer something truly special to our customers.



Ethical + Sustainable refined basics out of Los Angeles, USA.

Sugarhigh Lovestoned

Vintage inspired womenswear, ethically made in Los Angeles, USA.

Mode & Affaire

Premium Fur + Feathers outerwear out of Perth, AU.


Renowned edgy + feminine jewellery out of Los Angeles, USA.

Vanessa Mooney

Eclectic vintage-inspired women's jewellery out of Los Angeles, USA.

Intentionally Blank

Be ready for a major shoe moment out of Los Angeles, USA.